DON’T FRET: Love in the time of online Dating (Feb 8 thru Feb 27)

Posted: February 9, 2013 in Art show Reviews
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Johalla Art Projects

1821 W Hubbard Street, Suite 209

Chicago 60622

Don’t Fret’s work is carefree and hilarious not only through the characters but also through the texts. It depicts the common life of everyday people that encompasses the issues related to teenage, adulthood, old age, deprived sex-life, relationships, fights, etc. The works flirts with the genres of portrait, figurative and landscape painting (in terms of the setting they are in). Since they depicted scenes are closely related to us we can infer they are our biographies. Unlike Tim Arroyo this body of work doesn’t transports us to a world beyond our imagination but brings us face to face with the world around us.

If you had a bad day at school or work this show will make you laugh your guts out!!

Hats off to the curator for setting up the works in a collage manner that makes the entire body of work as a narrative story.



PS: The curator is my professor. (I hope I’ll get some extra credits from this post). Lol.


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