PRAIRIE: SHAWN DECKER (Feb 8 thru May 5)

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Art show Reviews
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Artist: Shawn Decker

Chicago Cultural Center

Shawn Decker’s recent exhibition at the chicago cultural center mainly focuses on recreating the natural environment that has become extinct like the dinosaurs. This is an attempt to bring us close to nature. It makes us realize of the “Art” that is there in the world outside the museum. Though the setup is an artificial setting mimicking the grasslands in Prairie (near Amazon river basin) the artwork independently can generate a different response if the context of the subject matter is subtracted.

The artist has used electronic media to elevate the beauty of natural world which we never noticed (unnaturally).

While viewing the artwork we are left specchless and wonder “how did he do?”

here’s the info of the project:

Shawn Decker is a faculty of SAIC and he is really cool. I always wanted to mimic a dinosaur’s roar and scare the shit out my roommate, I’m surely gonna take his class next fall semester! 0230_001 0231_001


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