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Play Ball and Swing…. !!

The ongoing exhibition at Thomas Robertello Gallery by John Delk swings hard (in a subtle balancing manner). The works explore the dual ideas of permanent and temporary character of objects. It also makes us thinks on the lines that every object, animate or inanimate have a life in them and everything in this world is subjected to degradation.

The works are static but there is an element of kinetic motion in them. It did remind of my physics class where I learnt that every object has potential energy that is converted into kinetic energy when the object is set in motion. This show defines that instantaneous moment  when object is about to move. 

Using unusual materials like ice cube slab, flowers and glass bottles the SWING does go for a homerun.


Art bash is the annual student exhibition of freshman students of SAIC curated by faculty. It was really an AMAZING show. There were many heavily conceptual works of young talented artists of SAIC. Some works were so heavy that it went bonkers over my head. It felt like Einstein explaining 10 year old kid ‘theory of relativity’. Though there were a few that I could comprehend but rest were “I dont know whats going on” types. May be I have to go back to my history books and revise my post-modernist art. Interesting thing was to see students are really interested in installation art and performance art. 

So clearly ‘performance art’ who is usually the underdog in art world was shining but our star performer ‘painting’ didn’t perform upto the mark, I guess Michael Fried’s prophecy of ‘death of painting’ is going to come true.