John Delk: Swing (April 12th – June 8th)

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Art show Reviews
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Play Ball and Swing…. !!

The ongoing exhibition at Thomas Robertello Gallery by John Delk swings hard (in a subtle balancing manner). The works explore the dual ideas of permanent and temporary character of objects. It also makes us thinks on the lines that every object, animate or inanimate have a life in them and everything in this world is subjected to degradation.

The works are static but there is an element of kinetic motion in them. It did remind of my physics class where I learnt that every object has potential energy that is converted into kinetic energy when the object is set in motion. This show defines that instantaneous moment  when object is about to move. 

Using unusual materials like ice cube slab, flowers and glass bottles the SWING does go for a homerun.


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