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“Aye Dil Hai Mushkil Jeena Yahan
Zara Hat Ke Zara Bach Ke, Yeh Hai Bombay Meri Jaan…”

– lyrics, 1956 film C.I.D., performed by Mohammed Rafi and Geeta Dutt.

This is how I guess Sir Sudhir Patwardhan would like to sum up his artist statement. This lecture was a presentation of paintings by Sudhir Patwardhan related to his experience living in a ‘hot and happening’ city like Mumbai. He expresses his remorse at the present condition but his paintings thrives on the issues the city is facing. He is glorifying the ‘present condition’ and elevating it to a artistic level so that people start noticing it.

He also spoke about the mindset an artist should have while creating a scene or any art for that matter. He elaborates this topic by taking into consideration the structure of a painting other than the compositional or formal aspects . By structure he meant how the thoughts are arranged, whether the medium used justifies the subject and whether are we paying the price for drawing the subject (this one was pretty interesting one).

Personally, I was in awe! Meeting a great artist whose works you have only seen in books. Now you are sitting right in front from him. Watching him talk on your favorite subject.

Its like a superhero from a comicbook coming to life. Also to click a snap with him, to ‘show off’ your friends in Facebook.

It cant get better than this!! 😀

Namaste SAIC: Namaste SAIC is a student organization in The School of the Art Institute of Chicago dedicated to promoting cultural unity and social interaction. It celebrates diversity while exposing India as a country and it’s ways of doings. This organization is a conglomeration of the festivals, food, culture, traditions, entertainment, mythology and every fun and interesting aspect of India. You do not have to be Indian or know anything about India to join us! All we ask for is your interest and participation if you’re eager to learn about us.

Nora Taylor: Professor and Alsdorf Chair of South and Southeast Asian Art, Art History, Theory and Criticism (2007); BA, Brown University, 1984, MA, PhD, Cornell University, 1997.



The recent lecture of the lecture series ‘Conversations with art and science’ at SAIC was given by Nicholas Negroponte.

Who is Nicholas Negroponte???
well for those who don’t know him he is kinda the Picasso of the ‘art and tech’ world. The one who initiated the one laptop per child program and he is the founding brain behind MIT media labs (that’s why I called him Picasso).

The lecture was mainly on his entrepreneurial journey of ‘one laptop per child program’, how he went about in doing it, the challenges he met, his failures and the future of that entrepreneurship program. He talked about computer is the marriage of art and science. He also talked about the history of MIT media lab sprinkled with anecdotes of how critics mocked the experiments conducted at MIT labs in 1980s and Steve jobs & other visionaries, identifying their potential, supported them.
The thought provoking topic he touched as an entrepreneur was defining the difference between a market and a mission. We can’t cater the needs of both the worlds: profit and non profit sector (that are like north and south poles). This is an important aspect, of classifying your business idea early on and whatever choice we make it doesn’t matter.
If your business idea is gonna save the world you’ll be the SuperMan, GREAT!!! If its gonna save the stock market and you’ll be the Steve Jobs(indirectly Superman).

PS: Today’s world is driven by stock market. But being batman is an option that doesn’t exist. (According Mr. Negroponte’s theory)