The recent lecture of the lecture series ‘Conversations with art and science’ at SAIC was given by Nicholas Negroponte.

Who is Nicholas Negroponte???
well for those who don’t know him he is kinda the Picasso of the ‘art and tech’ world. The one who initiated the one laptop per child program and he is the founding brain behind MIT media labs (that’s why I called him Picasso).

The lecture was mainly on his entrepreneurial journey of ‘one laptop per child program’, how he went about in doing it, the challenges he met, his failures and the future of that entrepreneurship program. He talked about computer is the marriage of art and science. He also talked about the history of MIT media lab sprinkled with anecdotes of how critics mocked the experiments conducted at MIT labs in 1980s and Steve jobs & other visionaries, identifying their potential, supported them.
The thought provoking topic he touched as an entrepreneur was defining the difference between a market and a mission. We can’t cater the needs of both the worlds: profit and non profit sector (that are like north and south poles). This is an important aspect, of classifying your business idea early on and whatever choice we make it doesn’t matter.
If your business idea is gonna save the world you’ll be the SuperMan, GREAT!!! If its gonna save the stock market and you’ll be the Steve Jobs(indirectly Superman).

PS: Today’s world is driven by stock market. But being batman is an option that doesn’t exist. (According Mr. Negroponte’s theory)


Artist: Ashley Claire

Gallery: Chicago Culture Center


I didn’t spend too much time here, but overall it seemed like my niece’s toys suddenly grew big. It was like Ashley Claire used a machine to blew up her kid’s toy (just like in the movie “Honey, I blew up the Kid”). The works were colorful, gay, playful and really BIG. I left the room with a smile on my face and I’m sure kids would love to see this. It kinda gives you a glimpse of the world from a kid’s eye. Something InterestingImageImage

Artist: Craig  Norton

Carl Hammer Gallery

740 N Wells Street

Chicago, 60654

This is Craig Norton’s first Solo show in Chicago and he has really impressed the audience with his Mixed Media three dimensional Wall Art.

In Dropping Mom Off at the Old folks Home, Norton draws attention to the insecurities that come with old age. He also highlights the mentality of our society towards old people. We think of them as an outcast and neglect them.

His works are mainly a combination of drawings and collages layered on top of wood cutouts. The work touch the Robert Rauschenberg’s idea of ‘combines’. Each work stands out from the wall as they are framed in a box. Few others are like sculptures. The gallery space is transformed into an open landscape where each work stands out individually yet connected in a poetic manner. There are intricate details in each work which are just mind-blowing.

Its really unbelievable that that Craig Norton is a self taught Artist.


Artist: Shawn Decker

Chicago Cultural Center

Shawn Decker’s recent exhibition at the chicago cultural center mainly focuses on recreating the natural environment that has become extinct like the dinosaurs. This is an attempt to bring us close to nature. It makes us realize of the “Art” that is there in the world outside the museum. Though the setup is an artificial setting mimicking the grasslands in Prairie (near Amazon river basin) the artwork independently can generate a different response if the context of the subject matter is subtracted.

The artist has used electronic media to elevate the beauty of natural world which we never noticed (unnaturally).

While viewing the artwork we are left specchless and wonder “how did he do?”

here’s the info of the project:

Shawn Decker is a faculty of SAIC and he is really cool. I always wanted to mimic a dinosaur’s roar and scare the shit out my roommate, I’m surely gonna take his class next fall semester! 0230_001 0231_001

Carrie Secrist Gallery

835 W. Washington Blvd.

Chicago, IL 60607



                 In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.
Albert Camus


The ongoing exhibition of Judith Giechman’s work at the Carrie Secrist Gallery is a series of abstract works in Grayscale. She has taken the paper/canvas on an adventure where she explores the materiality by various mark making techniques, playing with the flow of paints, gestural movements, drips and layering. This depiction of abstraction gives each work a different storyline. Each work can be viewed as a landscape, or composition of figures in space, underwater-world or a science experiment of collision of atoms. The possibilities are endless. It also refers to the process of making the artwork; we can see the rhythmic moves which are like a dance. There is a sense of dynamic nature which draws you in the work and evokes your senses.  It doesn’t fail to cast a charm and leave you bedazzled.

This new work is a visual treat for our eyes and each work has a transcendental aspect which goes beyond the physical appearance.


Johalla Art Projects

1821 W Hubbard Street, Suite 209

Chicago 60622

Don’t Fret’s work is carefree and hilarious not only through the characters but also through the texts. It depicts the common life of everyday people that encompasses the issues related to teenage, adulthood, old age, deprived sex-life, relationships, fights, etc. The works flirts with the genres of portrait, figurative and landscape painting (in terms of the setting they are in). Since they depicted scenes are closely related to us we can infer they are our biographies. Unlike Tim Arroyo this body of work doesn’t transports us to a world beyond our imagination but brings us face to face with the world around us.

If you had a bad day at school or work this show will make you laugh your guts out!!

Hats off to the curator for setting up the works in a collage manner that makes the entire body of work as a narrative story.



PS: The curator is my professor. (I hope I’ll get some extra credits from this post). Lol.

Artist: Tim Arroyo

Gallery: Prospectus Art Gallery

1210 W 18th St, Chicago 60608


Photosynthesis takes photography and image making to the next level. There are three bodies of work:

a)    Surrealistic Portraits

b)   Kaleidoscopic Floral images

c)    Tree-Door

The works are crafted skillfully using digital software techniques. Surrealistic portraits are sensual deformed images of gorgeous women (I wish they were real, it makes you want to take one of them for a date). The b/w images give you an impression that they have been rendered with charcoal medium but a closer look will deceive that notion make you realize that it’s a photo image. Kaleidoscopic images are related to flowers and geometric patterns. The kaleidoscopic effect transmutes the flowers into an ethereal organism and invites you to an alien beautiful world. The other works consists of a doorway nestled in the lap of nature which surely will make you think “How the F*** did he do that?”

Its digital skill at its BEST!!

The entire body of work talks about how digital imaging is pushing the boundaries of Fine Art.

And I feel that Mr. Tim Arroyo is not a photographer but an Artist with a Surrealistic digital touch.

It would be really interesting experience for a viewer if the works are bigger, may be life size.

For further info: