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Artist: Kathy Halper

Packer Schopf Gallery


Kathy has played around with the fiber medium and given it a painting quality treatment. Her subject matter is related to social media and internet. Through embroidery she is attempting to connect the mentality of two different generations (current generation & their parents). . Her works are witty and will make you go ‘LOL’. 



Play Ball and Swing…. !!

The ongoing exhibition at Thomas Robertello Gallery by John Delk swings hard (in a subtle balancing manner). The works explore the dual ideas of permanent and temporary character of objects. It also makes us thinks on the lines that every object, animate or inanimate have a life in them and everything in this world is subjected to degradation.

The works are static but there is an element of kinetic motion in them. It did remind of my physics class where I learnt that every object has potential energy that is converted into kinetic energy when the object is set in motion. This show defines that instantaneous moment  when object is about to move. 

Using unusual materials like ice cube slab, flowers and glass bottles the SWING does go for a homerun.

Artist: Craig  Norton

Carl Hammer Gallery

740 N Wells Street

Chicago, 60654

This is Craig Norton’s first Solo show in Chicago and he has really impressed the audience with his Mixed Media three dimensional Wall Art.

In Dropping Mom Off at the Old folks Home, Norton draws attention to the insecurities that come with old age. He also highlights the mentality of our society towards old people. We think of them as an outcast and neglect them.

His works are mainly a combination of drawings and collages layered on top of wood cutouts. The work touch the Robert Rauschenberg’s idea of ‘combines’. Each work stands out from the wall as they are framed in a box. Few others are like sculptures. The gallery space is transformed into an open landscape where each work stands out individually yet connected in a poetic manner. There are intricate details in each work which are just mind-blowing.

Its really unbelievable that that Craig Norton is a self taught Artist.