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Artist: Tim Arroyo

Gallery: Prospectus Art Gallery

1210 W 18th St, Chicago 60608


Photosynthesis takes photography and image making to the next level. There are three bodies of work:

a)    Surrealistic Portraits

b)   Kaleidoscopic Floral images

c)    Tree-Door

The works are crafted skillfully using digital software techniques. Surrealistic portraits are sensual deformed images of gorgeous women (I wish they were real, it makes you want to take one of them for a date). The b/w images give you an impression that they have been rendered with charcoal medium but a closer look will deceive that notion make you realize that it’s a photo image. Kaleidoscopic images are related to flowers and geometric patterns. The kaleidoscopic effect transmutes the flowers into an ethereal organism and invites you to an alien beautiful world. The other works consists of a doorway nestled in the lap of nature which surely will make you think “How the F*** did he do that?”

Its digital skill at its BEST!!

The entire body of work talks about how digital imaging is pushing the boundaries of Fine Art.

And I feel that Mr. Tim Arroyo is not a photographer but an Artist with a Surrealistic digital touch.

It would be really interesting experience for a viewer if the works are bigger, may be life size.

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